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Trainer tour

Trainer Tour
What is it ?
Select the rules for your game
Select the strategy
     - Insurance
     - Surrender

What is it ?

The trainer is a simulation of a game of Blackjack.
It is also a coach and will help you improve your game.
You will be asked to bet and then to play your cards according to the basic strategy or any counting system you decide to use.
The trainer will then comment all of your decisions telling you if you did the correct choice or not.

NB : The counting systems training is only available to premium users.

Select the rules for your game

The rules and the parameters of the game are fully customisable so you can play the exact set of rules of your local casino.
This is important because the basic strategy changes depending on the game rules.
Playing with the wrong basic strategy is not going to help you so be sure you select the correct rules.
The rules you can parameter are :
- dealer's hole card
- hit/stand on soft 17
- Double after split
- Surrender (early, late, ..)
- Insurance
- Doubles (D9, D10, D11, DOA, ...)
- Number of pair split allowed
- Number of aces split allowed
- Penetration
- burnt cards
- Table limits

A few common set of rules are already prepared and can be selected using the "Select a set of rules" droplist.
You can however create your own set of rules. Then just give it a name and click the save button.
Your set will now show on the "Select a set of rules" droplist.

Here is a screenshot of the parameter page :

Select the strategy

By selecting the strategy you want to use you can tell the trainer what he has to correct you for.
The options are

- No Strategy : you can play along just for fun, the trainer will not tell you anything

- Basic Strategy : the trainer will comment your decisions according to the basic strategy that fits the rules of the game you selected

- Card counting : the trainer will comment your decisions according to the card counting system you chose to use.
   The trainer using either of these counting systems
      - Hi-Low Full Indexes
      - Hi-Low Illustrous 18 + Fab 4
      - Hi-Low Sweet 16 + Fab 4
      - KO
      - reKO
The trainer can also check that you follow correctly your betting spread.
A few of them are already set but you can add your custom betting spread.
Then just select your minimum bet unit and you are ready to go.


After clicking the "Play" button on the parameters page you will be in front of the blackjack table and you will be asked to bet.
You can bet on 1 or 2 boxes. If you want to play only one box, just bet 0 on the second one.
A message reminds you of the table limits. In the card counting mode, that message also reminds you of your betting spread.

When you are done, just press the "Deal" button on top of the table.


After being dealt your cards you can decide what to do using the action buttons on top of the page "Hit | Stand | Double | Split".
The trainer will tell you every time you make a decision if it was correct one not.
Hard hands over 17 and Soft hands over 18 are automatically stand as a dealer will usually not ask you if you want a card.
It is however possible to change this option in your account preferences.

Here is an example of the game in card counting mode.
On the right of the table you can find the comment on the decision for the 13 Vs 3 hand that the player just played (the one on the right).
The basic strategy tells us to stand but the count is -5 and the deviation index tells us to Hit for a count inferior or equal to -1.
The decision of Hitting 13Vs3 was then correct.

Insurance Back
When the dealer shows an Ace, a message will ask you if you want to take Insurance or Even Money.

Surrender Back
When you play with surrender and the dealer shows a high card, 9 or higher, a message will ask you if you want to surrender your hands.
A "surrender" button will appear on top of each hand, you can then select which hands you want to surrender.
When you are done, just click the "No more surrender" button on the top of the table and the game will carry on.