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Useful websites

If you want to go further, you can visit Casino Verite Blackjack card counting, host of a serie of powerful blackjack softwares by Norman Wattenberger (Author of Modern Blackjack).

Tons of very good articles on Stanford Wong's BJ21.com (Author of Professional Blackjack).

You can find also an answers to any question on different forums :
Blackjack Forum Online, hosted by Arnold Snyder (Author of Blackbelt in Blackjack).
or blackjackinfo.com, hosted by Ken smith (blackjack magazines columnist).
And for french speakers, blackjack square, a very informative website, animated by Monsieur G, former member of an MIT blackjack team.
And its forum.

If you like colors and graphs don't miss Blackjack in Color.

If you would like a more structured course, try the Gamemaster website.

Don't forget to read Norman Wattenberger's Modern Blackjack free online book on reKO system, a simple yet powerful system.

Essential books

As for everything, there is no better place to find science than in a good book. Here is a selection of the must read, as far as blackjack is concerned.

A deep study of the basic strategy for a wide range of rules. Ideal for any player who wish to play in games offering different set of rules all around the world.
The reference book on High-Low count. All you will ever need to know on the subject and even more. Also include chapters from "Basic Blackjack" on the basic strategy.
The reference book on KO count, unbalanced system developped by Olaf Vancura and Ken Fuchs. Simple but yet efficient count system.
The reference book on Red7 count, unbalanced system developped by Arnold Snyder. You can also find in this book the Zen count, a very powerful balanced count, but which is also far more difficult to use.
Advanced, probably not a good choice for a first blackjack book. However if you already have a good understanding of the game, go get it, it is just about the most complete blackjack book ever written !
Maths, maths and more maths ! You should already be an advanced player to really appreciate it. But if you want to know exactly what's going on in this shoe, a definitely good read.
The first wide spread book about card counting. The system presented has now become obsolete but the book is still a must read for all the anecdotes you can find inside.
Might be a little outdated, but still an awesome read. Uston presents different count systems and share with us some moments of the life of a professional player.